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“Polvige has had a measurable impact on improving our managerial, operational and economic performance by analyzing and resolving strategic and tactical problems, thereby helping us reach our corporate goals and objectives.”

  • Lorne Sudds, Chief Mechanic
    AHF (Aerated Home Furnishings Ltd.)


(on October 15th, 2016)
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Production Manager
Production Manager
You need to keep your machinery up and running. The last thing you want to worry is about whether the parts you need will arrive on time or whether the quality will meet your expectations. You care about the cost of unplanned downtime and the resulting delays that can cripple or paralyze your company's ability to do business.

To keep production rolling you need to be prepared for the unexpected. This means having quick and easy access to precision machining and tooling services. It means having a reliable partner who understands your business, gives you advice you can trust, and ultimately saves you time, money, and headaches.


Buyer / Procurement Manager
Buyer / Procurement Manager

You can't afford to waste time and energy dealing with unreliable suppliers who don't take the time to understand your needs. When you're challenged with reducing costs and optimizing inventory levels, you need competitive pricing and reliable on-time delivery without sacrificing the quality needed to keep production rolling.

This requires more than just a supplier. You need a strategic partner whose precision machining capabilities and overall services are tailored to your company's specific needs. There is nothing you can do about the rising cost of materials and labour, but what you can control are the costs associated with parts that don't meet specifications, late delivery and unexpected downtime, which can far outweigh the short-term savings realized by selecting an inferior supplier.


Business Owner
Buyer / Procurement Manager

In today's highly competitive marketplace, where slight gains in speed, efficiency and productivity can provide huge competitive advantages, the right investment in your precision machined parts and tools is one area where a small change can make a big difference.

If you evaluate the potential revenue and productivity lost from just one hour of downtime you'll always find that it far exceeds the cost of selecting quality work from a reputable supplier. We will take the time to understand your business and provide advice you can trust. This helps reduce unplanned downtime and allows your employees to focus 100% of their efforts on revenue-generating activities that improve your bottom line.

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